Book Signing – Joy Callaway & Sarah Loudin Thomas

Book covers for Joy Callaway and Sarah Loudin Thomas.

The Biltmore Industries Homespun Museum, located in the heart of historic Grovewood Village, will host a book signing for esteemed North Carolina authors Joy Callaway and Sarah Loudin Thomas on Friday, June 14, from 1 to 3pm. This is an excellent opportunity to interact with these accomplished writers and have your books autographed. The event is open to all, with no admission charges. Book copies will be available to purchase at the museum.

What The Mountains Remember

Joy Callaway captivates readers once again with her latest masterpiece, What the Mountains Remember. Set in 1913 against the backdrop of the historic Grove Park Inn, Callaway weaves a tale of love, ambition, and self-discovery.

The book cover of What the Mountains Remember by Joy Callaway

About the Book
The story follows Belle Newbold as she embarks on a journey that takes her from the coal-stained memories of her past to the breathtaking landscapes of the Grove Park Inn. Forced to confront her tumultuous history and a future dictated by society, Belle finds herself entangled in the secrets hidden beneath the surface of this wondrous Resort.

The story unfolds as Belle is reluctantly thrust into the limelight during one of Henry Ford’s famed Vagabonds camping tours. Little does she know that this journey will lead her to the unfinished Grove Park Inn, a site many are hailing as “The Eighth Wonder of the World.” As Belle explores the inn’s history, she discovers parallels between the mountains she once called home and the challenges she faces in her pursuit of love and stability.

Author Joy Callaway

About Joy Callaway
Joy Callaway is the international bestselling author of All the Pretty Places, The Grand Design, The Fifth Avenue Artists Society, and Secret Sisters. She holds a B.A. in Journalism and Public Relations from Marshall University and an M.M.C. in Mass Communication from the University of South Carolina. She lives in Charlotte, NC, with her family.

These Tangled Threads

Sarah Loudin Thomas’ new book, These Tangled Threads, is set in the shadow of the Biltmore Estate. It is a poignant tale of friendship, restoration, and second chances.

The book cover of These Tangled Threads by Sarah Loudin Thomas

About the Book
Seven years ago, a hidden betrayal scattered three young friends living in the shadow of the great Vanderbilt mansion. Now, when Biltmore Industries master weaver Lorna Blankenship is commissioned to create an original design for Cornelia Vanderbilt’s 1924 wedding, she panics, knowing she doesn’t have the creativity needed. But there’s an elusive artisan in the Blue Ridge Mountains who could save her—if only she knew where to begin.

To track down the mysterious weaver, Lorna sees no other way than to seek out the relationships she abandoned in shame. As she pulls at each tangled thread from her past, Lorna is forced to confront the wounds and regrets of life long ago. She’ll have to risk the job that shapes her identity, as well as the hope of friendship–and love–restored.

Author Sarah Loudin Thomas

About Sarah Loudin Thomas
Sarah Loudin Thomas holds a B.A. in English from Coastal Carolina University and is the author of the acclaimed novels The Right Kind of Fool – winner of the 2021 Selah Book of the Year– and Miracle in a Dry Season – winner of the 2015 INSPY Award. She worked in public relations for Biltmore Estate for six years and is now the director of Jan Karon’s Mitford Museum. A native of West Virginia, she and her husband now live in western North Carolina.

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