DEMO | “Coolidge Red” Inspired Scarves

Deanna Lynch weaving a scarf with "Coolidge Red" inspired yarn.
Deanna Lynch weaving a scarf with "Coolidge Red" inspired yarn.

Local textile designer and handweaver Deanna Lynch will be at Grovewood Gallery from 11am – 4pm on February 17 + 18, working on her special line of “Coolidge Red” inspired scarves.

“Coolidge Red” was one of the most famous fabrics woven at Biltmore Industries (which houses Grovewood Village today). The fabric was named after Calvin Coolidge’s wife, Grace, who toured Biltmore Industries along with her husband in 1920 and hand-selected the red fabric to have made into a suit by a tailor in Asheville. A photo of Mrs. Coolidge wearing her fashionable, red Biltmore Industries suit was featured in the March 6, 1921 edition of the Boston Post, two days after her husband’s inauguration as Vice President of the United States. “Coolidge Red” was buzzed about in newspapers across the country and became one of the most desired colors of the day.

"Coolidge Red" mentioned in The Boston Globe, March 5, 1921
“Coolidge Red” mentioned in The Boston Post on March 5, 1921
Grace Coolidge featured in the Boston Globe on March 6, 921 wearing a Coolidge Red homespun suit from Biltmore Industries.
The Boston Post (March 6, 1921) – Grace Coolidge wearing her Biltmore Industries homespun suit.

In early 2015, Dianne Kepley of Echoview Fiber Mill in Weaverville was determined to create a dye inspired by the color Grace Coolidge loved so much. While the original dye formula was nowhere to be found, Kepley spent hours poring over Biltmore Industries’ archives. She enlisted the help of natural dye expert Donna Brown, and they finally succeeded in creating a similarly colored yarn. After Kepley left Echoview, she continued the project with The Oriole Mill in Hendersonville, NC.

Deanna Lynch in her home studio prepping the warp for weaving.
Deanna Lynch in her home studio prepping the warp for weaving.

The scarves Deanna will be working on at Grovewood Gallery are made from The Oriole Mill line of “Coolidge Red” inspired yarn. Finished scarves will be available to purchase.


Free parking is available on-site at Grovewood Village; however, parking is relatively limited, and carpooling is always encouraged.

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