Asheville ceramic artist Lisa Gluckin in her Grovewood Village studio.

Lisa Gluckin

Ceramic Art

Lisa Gluckin has been a resident artist at Grovewood Village since 2012. She creates slip-cast ceramic vessels with individualized markings and also earthenware pieces that explore texture, shape, and color through one-of-a-kind, hand-built forms. Gluckin’s work is bold and playful and touches on ideas of energy, vulnerability, and trust.

Lisa Gluckin began her exploration with clay more than 20 years ago at Greenwich House Pottery, the oldest non-profit ceramics studio in the country, located in the West Village of New York City. After devoting 10 years of study at Greenwich House – while also working in theater, radio and other areas – she moved south to the mountains of Western North Carolina to fully immerse herself in all things ceramic at the Penland School of Crafts.

While at Penland, Gluckin studied under talents such as Cristina Cordova and Tom Spleth. She then went on to complete a 3-year residency at the EnergyXchange, the former craft incubator studios in Burnsville, NC, before moving to Asheville to become a resident artist here at Grovewood Village. Aside from her personal work, Gluckin has taught ceramics at Penland’s Kids Camp and has also worked with the Toe River Arts Council in their residency and after-school programs.

Studio Visits

Outside of our scheduled tour dates in 2024 (May 18 & 19 + September 14 & 15), studio visits are by private appointment only. You can view Lisa’s current body of work at Grovewood Gallery.

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