Asheville metalsmiths Tom Reardon and Kathleen Doyle in their Grovewood Village studio.

Tom Reardon & Kathleen Doyle

Jewelry & Metalwork

Tom Reardon and Kathleen Doyle have built a reputation as world-class jewelers and metalsmiths. These artistic partners have been working together for almost 35 years, and have operated out of their Grovewood Village studio since 1995. 

After teaching at university level at separate institutions for 10 years, Reardon and Doyle met in San Francisco in 1985 – married on Valentine’s Day – and went on to create a full-time American craft business that flourished nationally. They named their business partnership Portfolio Metalwork, which references their wide range of jewelry designs. Together they create everything from dimensional mixed metal brooches to gold and precious stone jewelry to commemorative site-specific works.

Since relocating to Asheville, Reardon and Doyle have found inspiration in the dynamic growth of the local art scene as well as the natural beauty of Western North Carolina. In fact, their “Pisgah View” mountain rings continue to be a customer favorite.

Tom Reardon and Kathleen Doyle welcome custom jewelry orders and incorporate their lifetime of good design into each piece.

Studio Visits

Outside of our scheduled tour dates (third Saturdays May – October), studio visits are by appointment only. Inquiries for studio visits can be made through one of our gallery associates. Reardon and Doyle’s latest collection of earrings, pendants, brooches, bracelets and rings are on display and available for sale through Grovewood Gallery and Gallery of the Mountains (inside The Omni Grove Park Inn).

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