Resident Artists

Grovewood Village is home to 12 resident artists, whose studios are located directly next door to Grovewood Gallery. These workspaces were originally built to house the weaving and woodworking operations of Biltmore Industries - a groundbreaking enterprise in the history of American craft and textiles. Today, our resident artists create jewelry, pottery, sculpture, and more, in the same workshops where Biltmore Handwoven Homespun was once created.

12 Resident Artists

Chris Abell – Wooden flutes and whistles

Suzanne Dittenber - Oil paintings

Rick Eckerd – Hand-blown art glass

Melissa Engler – Sculptural wood art

Daniel Essig - Wooden-covered art books and book-based sculptures

Lisa Gluckin – Ceramic art

Carl Powell – Glass sculpture and stained glass

Graeme Priddle – Sculptural wood art

Helen Purdum – Ceramic art

Tom Reardon & Kathleen Doyle – Jewelry and metalwork

Brent Skidmore – Fine furniture and sculptural wood art

Studio Hours

Studios are open by appointment only. Hours vary depending on the individual artists. Inquiries are welcome and can be made through Grovewood Gallery. 

Open Studio Tours

Every third Saturday of the month during May through November, our resident artists open up their studios to the public, allowing visitors to gain insight into their creative process and view their most recent works. Tours are free and self-guided and will take place from 11am – 4pm on all dates.

Please Note: Many of our resident artists spend time away at shows and working on commissions. If you really want to see a particular artist, contact us before you visit to make sure their studio is going to be open.