Honey Dipper (Flower Motif)


A great hostess gift or stocking stuffer, these handmade honey dippers by MoonSpoon feature honeycomb-shaped holes and a flower motif. Each dipper is made from solid Pennsylvania Cherry Wood and is 100% natural, with no dyes, resins, or polymers. This honey dipper was meticulously designed, cut, and then carefully hand-shaped in a small studio in Kempton, PA.

Care: Handwash your wooden honey dipper with mild detergent and warm water, then towel dry immediately. When needed, wipe your dipper with mineral oil to protect the wood. Let the oil soak in for several hours or overnight and wipe off the excess.

Please Note: Due to this product’s natural material and handcrafted nature, each piece is unique. Expect slight variations in wood grain patterns from the image shown.

About the Artists
MoonSpoon is designed by Jonathan and Julia Simons. Jonathan is an artist and furniture maker. About thirty-six years ago, he started making wood spoons and has designed them ever since. When Jonathan met his wife, Julia, also an artist, they chose to put their design ideas together and make their own unique line of wooden spoons. 

When MoonSpoon began, the design was a simple carved “moon” on a spoon. They wanted to be sure their unique art concept of cutting wood spoons with a laser could work, and it did. As Jonathan and Julia continued experimenting over the years, the designs became more inspired and inventive.

  • Artists: Jonathan and Julia Simons of MoonSpoon
  • American-Made in Kempton, PA
  • Handmade honey dipper with flower motif
  • Handmade from Pennsylvania cherry wood
  • Hand wash only
  • Dimensions: 6″ L X 1.25″ W x .2″ D


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