Biltmore Industries & Tryon Toy-Makers Book


This newly released 200-page hardcover book is the result of ten years of research and writing by award-winning Arts and Crafts author Bruce E. Johnson. It contains the fascinating biographies of Eleanor P. Vance and Charlotte L. Yale, two enterprising, artistic women who operated a successful woodworking and weaving business for George and Edith Vanderbilt before starting their own toy company. It also provides collectors with lists of their handcrafted works, detailed examinations of key pieces, 239 vintage and color photographs, and more than a dozen valuable shop marks.

This limited-edition book traces Vance and Yale’s early work with Edith Vanderbilt at Biltmore Estate Industries (1905-1917) and their work with Tryon Toy-Makers and Wood-Carvers (1915-1943). It also documents Frederick L. Seely’s role at Biltmore Industries (1917-1984). This is the definitive guide for collectors, auctioneers, curators, historians, and dealers of Vance and Yale’s work. Discover never-before-published information, handcrafted items, and photographs. Only 750 of these first-edition books were printed. 

  • Biltmore Industries & Tryon Toymakers
  • Author: Bruce Johnson
  • First-edition, 200-page hardcover book
  • Book dimensions: 8.5″ x 11″


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