Biltmore Industries Homespun Pillow – Black


Local textile designer and weaver Deanna Lynch handmade these pillows using an original Biltmore Industries pattern. In Biltmore Industries’ heyday (1920s-1940s), they had 40+ looms in steady operation, producing bolts of some of the finest handwoven wool fabric in the country. They produced as much as 950 yards of cloth per day and employed nearly 100 workers at the complex that houses Grovewood Village today. Yardage for suiting and coat material was their specialty.

Since 2022, Deanna has been cataloging and digitizing the wool samples in our museum’s archives (Biltmore Industries is our parent company). She is also working to recreate some of the handwoven homespun cloth to make blankets and ties using traditional methods. It’s a labor of love and demonstrates a true dedication to preserving and honoring Biltmore Industries’ legacy. 

About the Artist
Deanna Lynch weaves handmade treasures that are meant to be worn and used. Her weaving journey began when she was just nine years old when her grandfather introduced her to the craft (he made rag rugs). Despite lacking formal education in weaving until later in life, her grandfather’s teachings instilled a profound connection with the craft, which she experiences every time she operates her loom. For Deanna, the act of weaving is analogous to the comfort and familiarity of being at home.

Deanna’s products are made with natural fibers like wool, hemp, linen, and cotton. Whenever possible, she incorporates locally-produced fibers and wild-collected natural dyes. Being eco-friendly is always at the forefront of her mind, and she carefully considers the impact her fabrics will have on the environment. “When I purchase materials,” she says, “I take into consideration the environmental cost my yarn will have from plant to garment and back to the earth.”

Deanna also offers mending and repair work and teaches weaving classes at Haywood Community College.

  • Artist: Deanna Lynch Textiles
  • American-Made in Western North Carolina
  • Handwoven with imported wool
  • Domestically spun and dyed
  • 18.5″ L x 10.5″ H
  • Hand wash or spot clean only. Dry flat.


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