Krampus Art Tile (Green)


You better watch out. Meet Krampus, St. Nicholas’ not-so-better half and punisher of those on the naughty list, according to Alpine folklore. This particular fiend is a composite of two Wiener Werkstätte depictions. Each tile is made by hand and can be hung on the wall, displayed on a stand, or used as a striking accent in your next tile installation.

Display Easel: The steel display easel shown in this photo is sold separately. Click here to purchase.

About Motawi Tileworks
“The team at Motawi Tileworks is passionate about making great tiles while spreading positivity and sharing our experience. Our company was founded in 1992 by Nawal Motawi, who started making tiles in her garage and selling them at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market next to the rutabaga sellers. More than 30 of us now make tiles in a 12,900-square-foot studio. Nawal’s motto is: It’s fun to be good (at what you do)!”

  • Artist: Motawi Tileworks
  • American Made in Ann Arbor, MI
  • Krampus ceramic art tile
  • Dimensions: 6″ H x 6″ W
  • Tiles are 5/8″ thick and have a notch at the back for hanging
  • Steel display easel sold separately


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