Helicopter Pull Toy


Crafted from solid wood and sanded to a baby-smooth finish, this artisan-made pull toy is designed for little hands to hold and pull along behind them. Handcrafted in Kentucky by East Laurel Woodcrafts, this helicopter toy is finished with a non-toxic, food-grade mineral oil.

East Laurel Woodcrafts is a family business started by Delmar Eby. Delmar, a father of six, began making toys as a hobby while teaching at a private school in the late ’80s. Although Delmar’s skills are basically self-taught, both his father and grandfather liked to work with wood – perhaps it’s in their blood. The Eby’s toys are functional and are constructed completely with wood using very little hardware. Most of the wood used to construct their toys is obtained locally, with the exception of cedar and mahogany.

Please Note: Because this is a handcrafted item, no two toys will be identical. Expect slight variations in wood grain patterns and color.

Product Care: Clean the wood with a damp cloth. Do not leave immersed in water.

  • Artist: East Laurel Woodcrafts
  • American-Made in London, KY
  • Wooden toy finished with a food-grade mineral oil
  • Dimensions: 5” H x 10.5″ L x 4.2” D


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