Textured Ovals Earrings


Calliope Jewelry presents earrings designed with a captivating blend of motion and hue. These earrings showcase a distinctive mix of textured oxidized silver and 14k gold-filled ovals. These ovals are further adorned with chalcedony, rainbow moonstone, and labradorite, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

About the Artist
Artist Alena Fisse-Karr is the creative force behind Calliope Jewelry. Alena thoughtfully designs and makes each piece of Calliope in her Seattle studio.

Raised in the Pacific Northwest and a seasoned traveler, Alena has a profound appreciation for the beauty of nature. She is particularly interested in the textures, colors, and light facets in natural elements such as stones, plants, and clouds. Alena’s design inspiration often comes from overlooked details, such as patterns in coffee foam, snail trails, or wood grain. These inspirations are brought to life in her work through the use of exquisite metals, pearls, and semi-precious stones. The creative process is an immersive experience for Alena, as she allows her hands to intuitively shape each piece.

Alena’s creative journey began in her childhood, exploring a variety of mediums like polymer clay, paper, and even computer parts. The creation of her first piece of “grown-up” jewelry marked a turning point, revealing her talent and passion for crafting items she loved. The transformation of raw materials into wearable art pieces continues to fascinate her.

Calliope Jewelry represents a fusion of Alena’s love for nature and her extensive art-making experience. Her skill set includes metalsmithing, wire wrapping, design, and photography, honed under the guidance of accomplished artists around the world, from Seattle to Bali. She aims to create jewelry pieces that balance timelessness with contemporary style and whimsicality with sophistication.

  • Artist: Calliope Jewelry
  • American Made in Seattle, WA
  • Textured oxidized silver and 14k gold-filled ovals
  • Adorned with chalcedony, rainbow moonstone, and labradorite
  • Dimensions: 1.5” from the bottom of the oxidized silver earwires


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