Lounge Chair


Relax in style with these modern lounge chairs by Asheville furniture maker Andrew Stack. Each chair is finely crafted from locally sourced ash and hand-dyed Danish cord.

Andrew says, “My work is inspired by Danish modern design and the meditative quality of the Shaker ethos; excellence through simplicity. Rarely does a finished piece look like the plans it was built from. I start with the basic form and compose the details during construction by letting the wood color and grain patterns dictate the design. This process takes longer, but I believe it is one of the defining characteristics that separates furniture made by hand from mass-produced pieces.”

Andrew practices sustainability through sourcing wood native to the region and using environmentally responsible finishes.

  • Artist: Andrew Stack in collaboration with Monica McCleary
  • 100% American-Made in Asheville, NC
  • Ash, hand-dyed Danish cord lounge chair
  • Dimensions: 30″ H x 21″ W x 34″ D


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