Artist Studios

Studios will be open to the public on April 9 + 10 from 11am – 4pm.
Any inquiries can be made through Grovewood Gallery at

Artistic Tradition

Grovewood Village is home to 8 working artist studios, occupied by 10 local makers. These workspaces were originally built to house the weaving operations of Biltmore Industries, an Arts and Crafts enterprise that played a significant role in the Appalachian Craft Revival during the early 20th century. Today, our resident artists create jewelry, pottery, sculpture and more, in the same workshops where the famed Biltmore Handwoven Homespun was once made.

Glass artist Carl Powell

Open Studio Art Tours

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, studio tours for 2021 are on pause at this time. We hope to resume tours sometime this year, which we normally host every third Saturday of the month during May – October. Our open studio tours offer visitors a chance to connect with local artists and to gain insight into their creative process and view their most recent works.

Please Note

Please contact us if you want to meet a particular artist, and we’ll do our best to make arrangements. You can find information about our resident artists listed below.

Metalsmith Tom Reardon

Meet Our Artists

text Chris Abell
Wooden Flutes and Whistles
Asheville glass artist Rick Eckerd. Rick Eckerd
Hand-Blown Art Glass
text Lisa Gluckin
Ceramic Art
Asheville glass artist Carl Powell in his Grovewood Village studio. Carl Powell
Glass Sculpture & Stained Glass
Ceramic artist Helen Purdum working in her Grovewood Village studio in Asheville. Helen Purdum
Ceramic Art
text Brent Skidmore
Fine Furniture & Sculptural Wood Art