Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening


This outdoor sculpture, titled Spring Awakening, was created by Massachusetts artist Dale Rogers. Dale says that “the tilted circle of the tree satisfies my love for abstracts, and the birds offer whimsical appeal. The shape of the tree is also very interesting in its simplicity; it is actually a large leaf.”

“The process for creating my art takes at least six months from conception to completion. When an idea comes to me I think about it for some time before moving to the next step. I complete a sketch and then begin the process of transferring that idea to something that can be created with metal in my studio. I use 3-D software to perfect the image I want before breaking it apart into workable pieces to be laser cut.”

  • Artist: Dale Rogers

  • Cor-Ten steel sculpture with stainless steel painted cardinals.

  • Dimensions: 6’ 2" H x 3' 6” W x 1’ D

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