Asheville artist Michael Francis Reagan has been painting professionally for over 40 years. His unique style of layering paint and glazes creates beautiful work which is very reminiscent of traditional oil or acrylic works.

Reagan says, “My approach to watercolor is somewhat unorthodox. I build up layer upon layer of glazes, sometimes using sandpaper to scratch out layers of paint and then paint again and again over that altered surface. I rub color out and wash in new color over the surface. The trick is to keep the painting fresh and alive with the earthy tones of nature. This results in a painting that is closer in appearance to oil or acrylic than what is thought of as the traditional look of watercolor.”

“These paintings reflect my personal vision of place and time. They are what I know - the woods, the mountains, the rivers, lakes, oceans, and birds. I think of them as visual poetry. Moments of time stopped. A feeling stirred by a bird calling at twilight, or the scent of wood smoke on the wind, or the reflection of a passing hawk on the water, or the great stillness of the mountains I live in.”

  • Artist: Michael Francis Reagan

  • Watercolor on Strathmore paper

  • Dimensions: 28" H x 27” W (framed)

  • Frame: 8-ply white archival mat under glass with a black wood frame (not shown)

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