Birch Baby

Birch Baby


Brad Stroman’s paintings reflect the intimate and fragile relationship between man and nature. By incorporating the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, he creates a stage where both nature and man-made surfaces and objects play out their balancing act. The aesthetic of wabi-sabi encourages a contemplative look at our lives through a meditative and disciplined search for humility and an understanding of our place in the physical world. It professes a belief that all things are incomplete, impermanent, and imperfect.

Brad focuses on small natural objects that we often pass over in our everyday lives. His paintings contain exquisitely detailed renderings of these natural objects, usually trapped or otherwise held in place by something commonly created by man – a string, barbed wire, a piece of rusted iron tool. These objects, which have the illusion of being three-dimensional, are placed against a backdrop of beautifully balanced colors that have been textured and stained to create the appearance of a time worn surface.

Brad says, “One will also find in every painting, a circle. The circle has been and continues to be a very profound symbol for indigenous peoples around the world. It stands for unity and harmony and because we seem to have lost a connection with nature that primitive cultures enjoyed, I deliberately break up or wear away the circle in the painting to show the disconnection we now have with nature.”

  • Santa Fe artist Brad Stroman

  • Acrylic painting on wood panel with floater frame.

  • Dimensions: 24" H x 30" W

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