Winter Trees Glass Landscape With Rock Base


There are no enamels or paints used in Amanda Taylor’s landscapes. It’s all glass! Amanda designs each piece using her own photographs and watercolor paintings. Her detailed imagery is created by layering various forms of glass (e.g., crushed, powder, and rods). Each piece is fired several times in a kiln to fuse the layers into a final sculptural work of art.

This glass panel sits in a cast cement rock base with a channel cut into it. The semi-transparent quality of the glass is emphasized when placed in a lighted cabinet or in front of a window. The artist has etched-signed this unique piece on the lower corner of the glass panel.

Amanda Taylor
“My work explores the expressive possibilities of glass through variations in color, texture, light, and atmosphere. By drawing inspiration from nature, I use my glasswork to create a sense of place and interpret the ever-present beauty that surrounds us all. My hope is that the work will spark a fond memory and bring a sense of wonder and joy to each viewer.”

  • Artist: Amanda Taylor
  • American Made in Burnsville, NC
  • Fused glass panel
  • Removable rock base
  • Dimensions: 8″ H x 6″ W x 3.75″ D (includes base)


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