Talisman #2


Kipley Meyer’s work is very physical, requiring a constant flow of motion and concentration. He tends to use just a few specific textures and colors. And although this creates certain limitations, or rather, parameters, it also allows for more freedom to explore the ideas and ideals put forth within this framework. Symbolic in nature, this work speaks from the artist’s heart, arising from a personal desire to understand himself and others.

Meyer carves solid domestic hardwoods using chisels, planes, routers, and chainsaws. He begins the building process by choosing seasoned or kiln-dried wood. The wood is then studied to understand what each piece can offer to the work. Meyer looks for flat, stable boards, but will also incorporate any knots, checks, or crevices that he feels will enhance the overall message of the sculpture. The planks are edge-glued like a tabletop, and on larger pieces, the backs are reinforced with cleats with oversized screw holes. This helps allow for subtle wood movement that may occur through the years due to temperature and humidity changes. Meyer will often utilize rusted nails, brads, and washers before finishing the piece with natural milk paint and wax.

  • Artist: Kipley A. Meyer
  • American Made in Madison, GA
  • Carved and painted wood wall hanging
  • Dimensions: 38″ H x 8″ W x 1″ D


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