Along Bruce Creek


Sarah Pollock began her artistic career as a color stylist for Walt Disney Feature Animation. She now works as a professional artist in Knoxville, Tennessee, painting landscapes and cityscapes. Sarah often works outdoors, directly on location, to capture the many beautiful landscapes around her home. She also finds inspiration in the natural and urban scenes that she encounters while traveling throughout the United States.

Artist Statement
“My paintings are a visual diary of the people and places I observe throughout my travels. From the spectacular natural beauty surrounding my home in eastern Tennessee to the distinctive lights and personalities of cities, there’s nothing that I love more than using vibrant color to capture these locales and make them my own. One of the great privileges of living in Tennessee is that there are abundant mountain waterfalls within easy reach. This is a hidden gem known as Triple Falls along Bruce Creek, located just 20 minutes from our home in Knoxville.”

  • Artist: Sarah Pollock
  • Oil on linen panel
  • Framed dimensions: 26.5″ H x 16.5″ W
  • Frame details: Dark bronze with gold highlights


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