Counting Sheep


After a successful career in commercial illustration, Libba Tracy began to express her love for the natural world in clay. Her most recent body of work, Critters on the Go, are kiln-fired pieces that are way more whimsical than her previous realistic work. These clay creatures balance folk art spontaneity with elements of classical sculptural art. This is topped off with a dash of humor and results in delightful three-dimensional presentations of metaphorical narratives.

“Critters on the Go is my current effort to grow myself as a ceramic artist expressing my passion and concern for the creatures that share our world,” Tracy says. “I find it difficult to live daily in the reality of these harsh threats,” she says. “The whimsy factor that shows up in my ceramic Critters on the Go must be an unconscious effort to temper that.”

  • Artist: Libba Tracy
  • 100% American-Made in Black Mountain, NC
  • Kiln-fired ceramic sculpture
  • Dimensions: 14″ H x 17″ L x 7″ D


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