Mobile Bunny


Add a touch of nostalgia to your outdoor space with this “Mobile Bunny” sculpture by Josh Cotè. Handcrafted in Bakersville, North Carolina, this intricate wire sculpture was created using only needle-nose pliers and some innovative techniques that Josh has developed. The wire is cold-worked, painstakingly hand-manipulated, and wrapped and woven to create the desired structure. For this sculpture, Josh incorporates an antique tricycle.

Josh Coté, a self-taught sculptor, grew up going to art festivals along the East Coast with his family. His grandparents were both oil painters, and his father was a watercolorist. Josh found inspiration in authors like Lewis Carroll, H.G. Wells and Dr. Seuss, which drew him into what he calls “a magical dream world that my art soon began to reflect. I haven’t really lost this fascination with the innocent, a whimsical child’s vision where toys come to life and anything is possible.” Josh works out of a home studio made out of two immense steel water tanks that were converted from a city water treatment plant. There he creates unique and fanciful sculptures of wild and mythical creatures. His ideas arise from dreams, obervation and nature, and some sculptures take months and miles of wire to complete!

Article on Josh Cotè featured in The Laurel of Asheville

  • Artist: Josh Cotè
  • 100% American-made in Bakersville, North Carolina
  • One-of-a-kind recycled wire sculpture
  • Dimensions: 50″ H x 20″ W x 24″ D


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