Curly Maple Layered Bowl


This collectible curly maple bowl was handcrafted by North Carolina artist David Terpening. This piece was made using segmented construction with approximately 100 segments of wood.

David Terpening began experimenting with woodworking as a child, spending time in his father’s basement shop. Entering adult life and being confined to apartment living, he started working with veneers and inlays, eventually becoming proficient in marquetry and winning several national awards. During the 1990s, David created finely detailed ornamental boxes for collectors, utilizing the finest exotics, burls, and other unique species of wood. Today, his focus is on small bowls. Like his collectible boxes of the ’90s, most of his current work features precious woods accented by layers of ebony and maple. 

Care: Like with all wood art, avoid placing this piece in direct sunlight or heat/cold sources. The only maintenance is occasional dusting. 

  • Artist: David Terpening
  • 100% American-Made in Charlotte, NC
  • Curly maple bowl, tung oil finish
  • Dimensions: 5.85” H x 6” D


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