Native Land


A native of Western North Carolina, Dale McEntire has been involved in the visual arts since his training at Mercer University. He has continued to evolve as an artist through private studies in Europe and the United States, including training at the nationally-renowned Penland School of Craft. Dale produces both oil and pastel paintings, as well as sculpture out of his home studio in Saluda, NC.

“A movement of painters and sculptors identified as Nature Symbolist has inspired me to create work that is about the essential quality of nature. For me, this is a spiritual essence that is underneath the obvious form and can be sensed with time and awareness. My goal is to refine my own personal language of this inner form and create an object of beauty. My paintings have steadily become more abstract as I interpret nature and its energy with the goal of expressing place and experience.”

  • Artist: Dale McEntire
  • Saluda, North Carolina
  • Oil on canvas
  • Dimensions: 24″ H x 30″ W


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