Navajo Basket Weave Illusion Platter


North Carolina woodworker Barb Ward has recently turned her attention to the art of basket weave illusion, honoring Native American designs. This turned wood platter features a design based on a Navajo basket weave pattern.

Creating a basket weave illusion platter is a very labor-intensive process. The platter is turned on the lathe, usually from a block of hard maple, then the beads are formed using a special beading tool. Next, a step referred to as indexing is done. This basically divides the platter into small, precise, equal segments that are marked with a pencil. Once the indexing step is complete, the platter is removed from the lathe and the process continues. All the pencil lines are burned into the piece, both front and back, with a special pyrography pen. Barb then creates a pattern and applies the colors of the pattern using India Ink. The design is on both the front and the backside of the platter, thereby creating the illusion of a basket. Finally, when all the coloring is finished, the platter is sprayed with a fine coat of protective lacquer.

  • Artist: Barb Ward
  • 100% American-made in Kings Mountain, NC
  • Turned wood platter – maple and India Ink
  • Metal display stand included
  • Dimensions: 11.75″ H x 11.75″ W


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