Walnut Rocker


Alan Daigre’s chairs are inspired by natural textures and clean, simple lines. Using his signature rope block design, this rocker offers superior comfort and lumbar support. The seat and back consist of many individual wood blocks. They are woven together through the frame by a single steel cable wrapped in synthetic rope. Each portion of cable has a 1,800-pound breaking strength to minimize stretch and wear over time. The design strengthens the frame and eliminates pressure points common in most wooden chairs.

Please Note: For each handmade piece, Alan and his team take painstaking measures in choosing colors, grain patterns, and textures so no two items are alike. Each chair receives a hand-rubbed finish that includes multiple coats of oil and polyurethane varnish, sanding between each layer, and a final coat of beeswax. This process makes the stools smoother, sleeker, and better equipped to last for generations.

  • Artist: Alan Daigre
  • 100% American-Made in Woodbury, TN
  • Walnut rocking chair with hand-rubbed finish
  • Dimensions: 44″ H x 29″ W
  • Seat Depth: 18″, Total Depth: 35″


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