Grace Cathey

Grace Cathey, a working artist for 20 years, has survived what many have not – the test of time. With her medium evolving from fiber to works on paper, and now to metal sculptures, her passion to create has been a constant. Her imagery comes from the flora and fauna that surround her home, tucked into a deep cove in the Western North Carolina Mountains.

Her daily experiences with the animals and flowers around her are translated into her metal sculptures, expressing her quality of life. In each work, a bit of her spirit is cut deep into the steel. And as Grace is an ever evolving artist, the possibilities in her future work seem unlimited.

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Self Seeding Zinnia

Steel, automotive paint & clear coat
77" H x 48" W x 51" D


Golden Swan Dahlia

Steel, automotive paint & clear coat
100" L x 39" H x 50" W
$10,500  (GC DAHLIA)
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